The Inaugural Summit Fellowship Program

The Summit Fellowship program recognizes entrepreneurs whose nonprofit and for-profit ventures tackle significant social challenges through innovative business models. This fellowship is committed to empowering these entrepreneurs and providing them the support of the Summit community to maximize their impact. To learn more or offer support for the Summit fellows please email

Kroenke Women's Fellowship
Marriott International #LoveTravels Fellowship
Mercedez-Benz EQ Mobility Fellowship
Summit Fort Worth Fellowship
Summit Impact Fellowship

Nasreen Sheikh


Eliana Murillo

Founder of Multicultural Marketing, Google, Google

Erin Zaikis

Founder, Sundara

Felicity Conrad

Co-Founder & CEO, Paladin, Paladin

Brittany Young

Founder, B-360, B-360

Ilwad Elman

Director, The Elman Peace Centre, The Elman Peace Centre

Jenna Nicholas

CEO, Impact Experience, Impact Experience

Nicole Cardoza

Executive Director, Yoga Foster, Yoga Foster

Wawira Njiru

Founder & Executive Director, Food for Education, Food for Education

Sara Minkara

Founder & CEO, Empowerment Through Integration (ETI), Empowerment Through Integration (ETI)

Isabel Rullán

Executive Director, ConPRmetidos, ConPRmetidos

Jordan Reeves

Founder, VideoOut, VideoOut

Nadya Okamoto

Founder, PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement, PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement

Tony Weaver, Jr.

Founder, Weird Enough Productions, Weird Enough Productions

Alisyn Malek

COO and Co-Founder, May Mobility, May Mobility

Humphrey Wrey

CEO & Founder, QuickBus, QuickBus

Jenny Wu

Founder, Oyler Wu Collaborative, Oyler Wu Collaborative

Jordan Davis

Director, Smart Columbus, Smart Columbus

Michael Lim

Co-CEO, Xtelligent, Xtelligent

Rahul Gayam

Co-Founder & CTO, Gayam Motor Works, Gayam Motor Works

Tamara Warren

Founder, Le Car,

Tara Pham

Founder & CEO, Numina, Numina

Gene Berdichevsky

Co-Founder & CEO, Sila Nano, Sila Nano

Emily Brooke

Founder & CEO, Beryl, Beryl

Caitlyn Hubbard

Associate, Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP, Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP

Cameron Sadler

CEO, New Craft Technologies, New Craft Technologies

Carly Burson

Founder, Tribe Alive, Tribe Alive

Elizabeth Cuneo

Associate, Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP,

Gabe Williams

CEO, Davi, Davi

Hannah Watkins

Associate, Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP,

Jarratt Watkins

Associate, Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP,

Jessica Glavin

Deputy Creative Director, Sydell Group, Sydell Group

Kam Phillips

Founder, Dream Outside the Box, Dream Outside the Box

Taylor Willis

Co-founder, Welman Project, Welman Project

Chante Harris

Associate Vice President, Capalino+Company,

Darius Baxter

Co-Founder & Chief Engagement Officer, GOODProjects, GOODProjects

George Batah

Co-Founder & CEO, Syrian Youth Empowerment, Syrian Youth Empowerment

Kaitlin Mogentale

Founder, Pulp Pantry, Pulp Pantry

Laura McGee

CEO, Diversio, Diversio

Nathalie Figueroa

Development and Communications, NESsT, NESsT

Om Marwah

Creativity Instructor, UCLA, UCLA

Solveiga Pakstaite

Founder & Director, Mimica, Mimica

Tiffany Yu

CEO, Diversability, Diversability

Wanona Satcher

Founder and CEO, ReJuve Corp, ReJuve Corp